Welcome To Canyons Church!
Canyons Church is a group of imperfect people. We are normal people just like you who are in search of a meaningful life and a real relationship with God. We highly value authentic relationships and a culturally relevant style. Dress is casual so join us at 10:00 am on Sunday! We are located at 717, 15th Street in Clarkston, WA.

What To Expect
Our services are approximately 65 minutes long. They consist of enjoyable music, a conversational message from the Bible, and creative elements designed to make the service engaging. Our Guest Services Team is available on-site to answer all your questions and help you find your way around, however we also provide the opportunity to stay as anonymous as you’d like. Most importantly we really hope you enjoy it so much, you will want to come back. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Environments For Your Children
We provide safe, fun, and engaging environments for children from birth through 5th grade on Sunday mornings during the service. Our goal is for your child to connect with their heavanly Father in a meaningful way that is appropriate for their age and stage and so we have designed their environments just for them! Our enviornment for students in 6th-12 grade meets on Monday nights at 7:00pm. Click on each to learn more: Waumba (Nursery-Preschool) UpStreet (K-5th grade) and InsideOut (6th-12th grade)


Sunday July 5th :: Church at the Park
Join us at Pioneer Park in Lewiston at 11:00 am as we continue to celebrate Independance Day! Bring a side dish or dessert and we will provide the rest. Directions

Sunday July 12th :: Tradinging Up
Following the teachings of Christ has lots of benefits - financial security, relational stability, moral margin. But at some point, being a Christian will cost you something. You'll feel a nudge to start, stop, get out of, or maybe go. In this message, Andy reframes the choices you have when following Christ begins to cost you something. Will it be worth it to give in to the nudge?

Sunday July 19th :: White Flag
Did you ever run away from home? Maybe you got to the end of the block before turning around and going back. It all seems silly in retrospect, but at the time we had plans. We'd show em' what was what.

But our plans always fell apart, didn't they? We always ended up going back. We were so focused on what we were running from, not what we were running to, we found ourselves faced with the question, 'Now what?'

How about running from God? Maybe not with a backpack and angry feet against the pavement, but with our hearts, moving in a direction other than the one God has called us to. There are a million ways to run.

In this series, Andy Stanley walks us through the story of one of the world's most famous runners - Jonah. We'll explore the lessons we can all learn when it comes to waving a white flag.

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